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Pet Dental Care

Pet Dental Care From Chowan Animal Hospital, your local veterinarian serving North Carolina in Elizabeth City, Windsor, and The Outer Banks

Pet dental health is more than a flash in the pan buzzword. In fact, access to dental care for dogs and puppies may be even more important than it is for humans. From dog teeth cleaning to managing tooth pain and preventing a tooth infection, dental care for your dog is even more important than you realize, which is why you should make a point to visit Chowan Animal Hospital in Edenton, NC, at the first sign of trouble with your dog’s oral health. We also serve nearby communities including, Nags Head, Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, Duck, Grandy, Southern Shores, and Corolla.

dog having his teeth brushed

Dental Care for all Pets

Whether you have a dog or a cat, dental care is important for your family pets. However, dogs have a tendency to explore the world according to what will fit in their mouths. Perhaps not exactly, but they do manage to use their mouths for many things, relying on taste and touch almost as much as they rely on their sense of smell.

Pet Dental Services

Good dental health is essential for good overall pet health. These two aspects are closely interlinked and failing to address one could prove costly to the other. For instance, a tooth infection that goes untreated can lead to chronic inflammation that puts a strain on the heart. The other possible downside of an untreated tooth infection is that the infection gets into the bloodstream, going straight to the heart and ultimately killing your pet. No one wants that. Especially when it is so easily preventable.

In addition to tooth pain, bad breath, and bleeding gums are constant companions to oral infections in pets. For this reason, you want to make sure your pet is receiving adequate dental care from a veterinarian and regular cleanings from you at home. When you take care of your pet's dental health, you’ll have to worry less about things like bad breath and bleeding gums and more about how much more energetic and happier your pet will be in the absence of constant tooth pain.

Chowan Animal Hospital understands how important your pet’s health is to you. We are here to help pet owners take care of their pet’s dental health needs and more for pets and owners living in The Outer Banks, including Nags Head, Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, Duck, Grandy, Southern Shores, and Corolla. Contact us today at 252-482-4113 and begin creating an effective dental health plan with our veterinarian for your pet right away.