Pets can have skin issues just like humans - issues like hair loss, irritation, scabs, sores, rash and more. Your pet needs a good veterinarian who can assist with his or her skin needs.

These skin problems in dogs and cats can be the result of a large range of problems. It could be an allergic reaction to food, medication, bug bites, or a shampoo or cleanser. It could also be seasonal allergies.

Our role is to help uncover what is causing your pet's skin issues and help them find relief.

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Is your pet-or you-miserable due to your pet's itchy skin?

Our veterinarians will perform a thorough exam on your pet and ask a myriad of questions so they can pinpoint any known allergens or common issues with pet allergies. We may take skin and blood samples and note your pet's overall condition. After working with you, we'll determine if your pet's issue is a mild condition, or something more serious like mange or disease.

Pets are sensitive and even minimal changes can have a great affect on them.

Treatment of Skin Problems in Dogs and Cats

The most common treatment will be topical. We might prescribe a medicated wash, steroids or allergy medication, and even suggest a change in diet that can all help with scabs, sores, hair loss and more.

Your pet is going to need special care and consideration during this time and making sure you are paying close attention can really help with the healing process overall.


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