Advanced Pet Diagnostics

Chowan Animal Hospital uses many different diagnostic tools to aid in the care of your pet. These tools are digital x-rays, electrocardiogram, OFA x-rays, in-house lab and pharmacy, and tonometry. Each of these allow Chowan Animal Hospital to quickly diagnose the issues your pet is seeking medical attention for.

digital radiology


Digital radiographs (x-rays) provide fast diagnosis of issues and are available for viewing immediately on-screen without the processing time of traditional film x-rays. This helps our veterinarians get to work with a treatment plan for your pets. Common reasons for dogs and cats to have radiographs are broken bones, heart disease, foreign objects, respiratory issues, and cancer diagnosis.

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Chowan Animal Hospital uses electrocardiography to diagnose heart disease in pets. Electrocardiography involves placing electrodes on your pet's skin and measuring the electrical activity of their heart. This tool helps us monitor the function of your pet’s heart and come up with a treatment plan.

Signs of heart disease are intolerance to activity or exercise, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, restlessness during sleep, and coughing (dogs) or fainting.

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OFA X-rays

OFA X-rays are used to help determine canine hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia usually develops because of an abnormally developed hip joint. Cartilage damage from a traumatic fracture can also be a cause. Over time, this can result in pain and lameness. These x-rays can help determine a the grade of your pet's dysplasia, as well as be used to certify that a dog is in good condition for breeding.



In-House Laboratory

Our in-house laboratory allows us to utilize quick and accurate testing for issues such as screening for intestinal parasites, heartworm or feline leukemia and can can have lab results for your pet available in minutes, as compared hours. Rapid results allow us to more quickly diagnose and start treatment for a sick pet and perform pre-anesthetic blood testing. Testing is always recommended before anesthesia and surgery because it helps identify any organ dysfunction, infection, or disease that could make anesthesia more complicated for your pet.

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In-House Pharmacy

Chowan Animal Hospital offers several options for client convenience of pet supply delivery. We have both an on-line pharmacy for medication, food, and treats, as well as offer Purina ProPlan Direct for pet foods to be delivered to your door.


We offer tonometry as part of our ophthalmology services. When your pet's eyes are checked during an exam, they may warrant a closer look. Our tonopen is used to calculate and measure the pressure of the fluid of the eye. Bring your pet to us for additional eye screening if you notice red, irritated eyes, if your pet has suffered head/eye trauma, or if your pet is being monitored for glaucoma/cataracts.

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