Soft-Tissue Surgery

The veterinarians at Chowan Animal Hospital have the capability to perform many soft-tissue surgeries for both dogs and cats. We use the latest in technology, including pre-surgical blood tests and monitoring equipment  to make sure your pet's surgery is safe, and advanced pain management to for comfort and a speedy recovery.

Soft-Tissue Surgeries performed

Our veterinarians perform a wide variety of soft-tissue surgeries, including:

  • Spay / Ovariohysterectomy
  • Neuters
  • Mass removals
  • "Cherry eye" imbrication
  • Declaws
  • Wound repair
  • ...and more!
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Helping Dogs and Cats with Advanced Soft-Tissue Surgery

Your Pet's Surgery Needs are Met at Chowan Animal Hospital

You want to give your pet the very best if he or she needs surgery. We do this by performing pre-surgical laboratory tests to make sure we are aware of any potential problems during surgery, offer advance monitoring equipment, and send your pet home with pain medication,

If you have any questions about whether your pet needs surgery, concerns about an upcoming surgery, or need assistance post-surgery, our staff is available to give you peace of mind. Contact us anytime!

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