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Pet Dermatology From Chowan Animal Hospital, your local veterinarian serving North Carolina in Elizabeth City, Windsor, and The Outer Banks

Pets can have skin issues just like humans and as such taking the time to find a good dermatologist or veterinarian with a dermatology background can greatly help your pet. For those in the Elizabeth City, the Outer Banks or the Windsor area, Chowan Animal Hospital can meet all your pet dermatology needs.

golden retriever nipping its fur

What is Pet Dermatology?

For pets that have skin issues like hair loss, irritation, scabs, sores, rash and more, a pet dermatologist is likely going to be your best bet for treatment. These skin problems in dogs and cats and any other pet for that matter can be the result of a range of problems. Your pet may be dealing with an allergic reaction to something they ate, to medication or even to a single bite from something like a flea or tick. Similarly, they may also be dealing with these issues because of a seasonal allergy or a reaction to a shampoo or a cleanser that you are using in your home.

When a pet comes in with extensive skin issues your veterinarian is first going to ask if anything in the pet’s life has changed. If you have a new partner that is spending more time around a pet, if you have moved, if you are using different products that you generally do not use, these are all factors that can lead to skin irritation in pets. Pets are sensitive and even minimal changes that you do not think about can have a great adverse effect on them.

Your veterinarian will also take the time to do a thorough exam of your pet, they may take skin samples and blood samples, and they will take note of the general condition of the pet. These are all going to help your vet to determine if it is a mild irritation causing the issue or something more difficult like mange or other skin diseases.

Treatment of Skin Problems in Dogs and Cats

The most common treatment is going to be topical. Your vet might prescribe a medicated wash, they may prescribe steroids or allergy medication, and they may even suggest a change in diet that can all help with scabs, sores, hair loss and more. Your pet is going to need special care and consideration during this time and making sure you are paying close attention can really help with the healing process overall.

Call Chowan Animal Hospital Today!

If you are in the Elizabeth City, the Outer Banks or the Windsor area, Chowan Animal Hospital can help you determine what course of treatment is best for your pet. You can find out more information by calling us at (252) 482-4113. We want to make you and your pet feel better, whatever it takes.